HP-01 Emulator

We offer you a unique HP-01 wristwatch calculator emulation for your PC, showing always the actual date and time on your desktop. The famous HP-01 is the most wanted collectible from the LED era in the seventieth. Even after 40 years its style and engineering design is timeless. If you own a HP-01 or not, in both cases you will be proud to have a perfect emulation of the original HP-01 running on your PC. It includes a stopwatch with 1/100 s and lap time, alarm clock and of course a complete calculator with basic arithmetic operators.

Get the prototype microcode version of the HP-01 for free!

Download HP-01 stainless Steel for Windows Windows 7/8/10

The HP-01 prototype microcode was published in the patent specification US4158285. It differs from the original HP-01 sold in 1977. It does not contain the percent function and has different key assignments.




Get the original HP-01 microcode emulation.

This is the only emulation of the HP-01 original microcode available. It behaves identical to the original HP-01. It contains all its functions. The keys are identical to the real watch.

This HP-01 version gives you also the possibility to chose between differents layouts, you can change between stainless steel, gold plated and more, even you can add your own image.



It is also personalized by your name or company, or even your foto. You can send your foto before purchase and it will be compiled in the program and visible right of the watch if you maximize the dialog.


Price 25,- Euro

 (order by email to sales@panamatik.de)