HP-35 Emulator NEW!

The Classic HP-35 was the first Hewlett-Packard pocket calculator.



There is no extra functionality, except for keyboard shortcuts.

Download your PC desktop HP-35 emulation of this first scientific pocket calculator which had trigonometric and logarithmic fuctions.

Download the Users manual

HP-45 Emulator NEW!

The HP-45, successor of the first pocket calculator, had more functions and storage registers.



Download your PC desktop HP-45 emulation of this second scientific pocket calculator.


HP-55 Emulator NEW!

The second programmable calculator and the first with an integrated stopwatch timer. It was the low cost successor of the famous HP-65, the first programmable with a magnetic card reader.

Because the HP-55 did not have a card reader, it lost its memory when switched off. For this reason we do not provide saving and loading programs in this emulation.

Download your PC desktop HP-55 emulation of this rare programmable pocket calculator.







HP-65 Emulator

The very first programmable pocket calculator with a magnetic card reader!


This classic pocket calculator was the first calculator, ever, which didn’t lose its memory, because it had the possibility to save its program to magnetic cards.


It has 100 Program steps and 9 Data register.

Emulating the original Microcode.

You can save and load files to/from disk.


Download the real and unique HP-65 Emulator.


The worlds first HP-70 Original Microcode Emulator NEW!

The business calculator encounter of the third kind.

We are presenting the first HP-70 emulator, which executes the original microcode. It was extracted for the first time from an original HP-70 calculator and presented at the European Allschwil Meeting Oct 22nd 2016.

This business calculator was introduced shortly after the HP-80 as a reduced low cost version. It had a unique orange color scheme and no prefix key.

Download your HP-70 calculator and try its unique functions. It is the only HP calculator, which has the CLX button not at the normal place on the right side of the ENTER key.

HP-80 Emulator NEW!

The HP-80 was the advanced financial and bussiness calculator after the first HP-70.

Download your PC desktop HP-80 emulation for making calculations with this classic financial pocket calculator.