HP-LP Woodstock Low Power

The ultimate upgrade and repair kit for all HP “Woodstock” LED calculators. Only 8-20 mA current consumption when switched ON and ultra low standby current for years when in sleep mode.

You never have to switch OFF your calculator to save batteries.

1.) Shows mathematical functions and program steps as plain text.

2.) Integrated accurate Real Time Clock with date, time, alarm time, weekday and stopwatch.

3.) Replaces the complete electronics of the original calculator including the power supply.

4.) Infrared printing diode for HP82240B printer and alarm piezo buzzer included.

5.) Easy switching between all “Woodstock” models and many other models like HP-34C, HP-67.

6.) Separate workspace for all models, 110 programs and 10 register sets for programmables.

7.) All HP-25 Applications programs and HP-67 Standard Pac programs already built in.

8.) PC communication for upload/download programs and data.

9.) Can be placed into HP-21 HP-22 HP-25 HP-25C HP-27 and HP-29C hardware.


Read the Low Power users manual for a detailed description.

Price 149,- Euro Basic, or 199,- Euro with GPS module components

 + shipping   (order by mailing to sales@panamatik.de)


The HP-LP connectivity kit!  May 2019

With the LP connectivity kit you can communicate with your LP circuit and remote control all HP calculators. Save your programs on hard disk and edit them with a text editor instead of typing with the calculator buttons.

You don’t need vinyl overlays to use different calculators, because they were displayed on the screen and changes whenever you select a new model.

All you need is the LP connection cable, which is an USB/RS232 TTL 3.3V converter, and the PC application. For proper use you have to install a small connector in the HP calculator case.



Download the “LP connectivity kit”, which includes the manual for getting more information on how to connect your PC and the LP Woodstock calculator - and of course to learn about the “In Circuit Debugger”, the “Flash memory Viewer”, the “RAM viewer”, and how to save and restore or backup your programs.

LP connection cable Price 25,- Euro + shipping   (order by mailing to sales@panamatik.de)