Get the spice girls. These models are called the “Spice” calculators. They were the successors of the woodstock calculators.


Download the basic scientific spice calculator, the HP-31E.

Download the Users manual


The non programmable scientific calculator of the spice models.


Download the non prgrammable scientific calculator HP-32E.





The programmable scientific calculator of the spice models. The HP-33E is very similar to the HP-25. It has the same functions and the same amount of program memory and registers.



Download the prgrammable scientific calculator HP-33.




The real flagship of the spice calculators. A scientific programmable, which tops even the HP-67. It was the first calculator, that had the Solve function for solving equations and also could perform numerical integration.

Download the marvelous HP-34C as your desktop calculator.




HP-37E, HP-38E/38C

The non programmable and the high end programmable financial calculators of the spice models.

 Download the HP-37 HP38