HP-25 Emulator

Why not have a choice for your favourite calculator. This HP-25 emulator is not less useful than the HP-67, because you can save and load programs as if it had a card reader. Of course the more advanced HP-67 has 224 program steps and more registers, but 49 program steps and 8 registers are enough for many applications. Not to mention, that manual calculating is the most of daily use.



There are no extras! Just the pure calculator!

You can save/load your programs and registers.

You can use the PC keyboard.

You can add your own image.

Download your favorite HP-25 every day calculator

Download the Users manual

                HP-21 HP-22 HP-27 Emulator

These are the non programmable desktop calculator, though they have all scientific functions you need. The HP-21 is a pure scientific RPN calculator. The HP-22 is the bussiness model and the HP-27 combines scientific and financial functions. If you like these RPN calculators, this is your choice.

Download your HP-21HP-22 or HP-27

HP-29C Emulator

Do you like the top scientific calculator of the woodstock models? Here is the early HP-29C. It is programmable and has double the program space of the HP-25.


You can save and load your programs and data registers.

You can edit your programs with a text editor.

Download the best available HP-29C calculator emulation.








HP-19C Emulator  NEW Sept 2016!

This is the only original microcode emulator for the famous HP-19C ever made. It is programmable similar to the HP-29C, but includes printing.

The Emulation now includes everything and handles printing in MAN/TRACE/NORM mode as the original caculator does. It is the first and only HP-19C microcode emulator ever running on a PC.


You can save and load programs and registers

You can use the PC keyboard for making your calculations.

You can select your own transparent calculator image and size.

Download the HP-19C calculator emulation for testing its functions.

See the Users manual for more instructions.